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Large posters on the wall - a new look

Posters have undergone an incredible metamorphosis in recent years. Until recently, they were associated primarily with the low quality color photographs that could be found in youth magazines of the 80s and 90s. Today, they are invading our living rooms and bedrooms, appearing in restaurants and cafes, and high-quality materials and printing in HP Latex technology make them look like real works of art. The decorative wall poster is going through a real renaissance and we have to admit that we love it a lot!

Unique wall posters that will delight anyone

Long gone are the days when posters were associated with images of pop stars or car models. Modern wall posters can represent literally everything: from reproductions of famous paintings and picturesque views of nature and modern cities to artistic photographs of dancers that resemble the paintings of Edgar Degas. Of great interest are original mandalas, dream catchers or ethnic ornaments that have been so fashionable lately. The variety of designs available in our store ensures that everyone can easily find a wall poster that suits both minimalist, industrial or colonial, as well as classic interiors.

Modern framed posters - film stills for the cinema lover

Small and large movie posters will be appropriate in a modern interior, but not only. Adherents of expressive decorations, instead of opting for patterned wallpaper, can successfully turn to wall posters with frames from their favorite comedy, horror or melodrama. Thanks to this, decoration will appear in the living room, which will become not only a stylish decoration, but also an element that indicates the interests of the owner. Whether it's a shot from a niche product or a box office blockbuster, a wall poster featuring your favorite movie characters is a timeless piece of art that will delight your eyes for years to come. Movie posters are also a great decorating idea for a kid's room. In this case, you should turn to posters depicting your favorite fairy tale or hero. Fabulous framed posters will look very nice. If the children's room is spacious enough, two or three posters in frames can be placed in it, matching the color of the rest of the interior. There are no restrictions for us in the children's room. The more flowers and decorations, the better!

Paintings to order with inscriptions - the poster shop will satisfy any requirement

Words can carry incredible power - a good joke, a golden thought or a folk saying can do more than many gestures. Custom posters with slogans are a great way to bring a discreet decorative element into the interior, which, in addition to aesthetic, will perform a practical function. Modern posters with inscriptions are appropriate literally in any room of the house, as well as outside it - in the office or cafe. A famous quote from a Greek philosopher, a saying that motivates us to act, and even one word on a poster can help us get out of bed in high spirits, drink a cup of morning coffee with a smile on our lips, and get to work energetically in the office.

Wall poster not only for living room or bedroom...

An interesting idea would be to place a poster with inscriptions in a traditionally decorated bathroom - a spectacular look without spending a lot of money. Posters on the wall with inscriptions are available in a variety of options, you can also order selected posters in size. We offer posters with minimalist black type on a white background, with colorful handwriting that is decorative in itself, or with captions set against nature or patterned backdrops. Our offer includes wall posters to size, so you can easily pick up the chosen design for your kitchen or hallway.